About Me


I am Simon Karman Msc. I am a programmer and game developer.

Since primary school I have been developing games. It all started with creating board games for my friends. In the last years on primary school I started programming some computer games for my friends as well. At this point I already enjoyed creating games more than I did playing them. And since I like playing games so much, this means a lot!

The two games I played most are Call of Duty 4 and Minecraft, both on PC. I did spent a lot of time with both games mainly because of the modding and mapmaking communities they contain. I have made contributions especially to the mapmaking communities.

I am always working on side projects and cool tech demos involving Game Technology. Most of these can be found on this website.

Like programming I also love mathematics. My passion for finding fun, relevant and smart solutions concerning complex mathematical problems in combination with my greed in creating great games, forms the basis of my interest in the field of Game Technology.

In June 2014 I graduated at the University of Applied Siences in Amsterdam. I graduated in the field of Informatics with Game Technology as specialization. During this study I followed two internships. First one at Sticky Studios in Utrecht and the second one at Tingly Games in Rotterdam. I am now Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology.

From September 2014 till June 2018, I studied on the Utrecht University where I followed the Master’s programme: Game and Media Technology (GMT). The Master’s programme focuses on the technological aspects of gaming and multimedia in the context of computer science. The master is part of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and will entitle me Master of Science when finished.

During my master at the Utrecht University I took part in the board of Study association Sticky. Sticky is a non-profit organisation that organises a variety of activities for her members, computer science and information science students at Utrecht University. As Commissioner of External Relationships I was responsible for most of the income of this organisation. I acquire new sponsors, keep in contact with existing sponsors and plan job- and company-related events for the members. As board member I was also responsible for several committees and organising activities for the members of Sticky.

You can download my Curriculum Vitae here: Curriculum Vitae



2016 - 2017
Board Member at Study Association Sticky
Game Programmer at Tingly Games
Internship at Tingly Games
2012 - 2013
Game Programmer at Sticky Studios
Internship at Sticky Studios

Languages and Environments

2014 - now
HTML5, jQuery and Javascript in NotePad++ and Visual Studio
2011 - now
C# in the Unity Game Engine
2011 - now
PHP / MySQL in NotePad++
2014 - 2015
C++ in Visual Studio (GLUT, Bullet and OpenCV)
Java, JSP, Hibernate and Spring in NetBeans
C++ in the Irrlicht Game Engine
2010 - 2012
C# in Visual Studio using XNA
2010 - 2011
Action Script 3.0 in FlashDevelop using Flixel
Java in NetBeans
Visual Basic for Excel in Excel
2003 - 2009
Game Maker Language (GML) in Game Maker 7.0

Revision Control and Source Code Management

2012 - now
TortoiseHg Mercurial on BitBucket.org/simonkarman/
2012 - 2014
GIT on GitHub.com/simonkarman/
2011 - 2012
TortoiseSVN SubVersion


2014 - now
Utrecht University (UU) - Master, Game And Media Technology
2010 - 2014
Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) - Game Technology