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This project was created by Simon Karman. Published on Friday 21 November 2014. This project was viewed 1026 times.
A website on which users can log that they wait for 13:37 each day


On the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam, me and some colleagues students had the habit to let each other know when the current time of the day was 13:37.

A about a year ago I jokingly proposed to create this into a competitive website, which is actually what I created now.

Have fun trying to log the 13:37 time as fast as you can each day and try to get the highest score on the website!

Visit the website on:

The front end was created using JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX requests. The backend was written in PHP and uses a MySQL server to store the data. All the AJAX request are POST request returning all data in JSON format, this makes the website easily extandable and maintainable.