Simon Karman

Software Engineer and Game Developer

B11 Party Game

A multiplayer game based on Mario Party with minigames themed around the 11th board of study association Sticky

Published on 2020-11-01

Created by Simon Karman

B11 Party Game

During the COVID-19 pandamic it can be challenging to keep in touch with friends. This project is a multiplayer game based on Mario Party with minigames themed around the 11th board of study association Sticky. Its goal is to be able to interact with each other in a virtual world, while competing to reach the highest score by playing minigames.

The secondary goal of this project was to create a first demonstrative project for the karman multiplayer library. The project is build using version 2020.1 of the Unity3D game engine and the networking code was build using version 0.1.0 of the karman multiplayer library.

Playing the game

The game was build for windows and linux and the binaries can be downloaded here:

When starting the game you're presented with a login screen. For clients to join a game you will first need a server.

Join UI

Starting a server

The server can be run on your own machine and will start on port 14641 (aka 11^4). Make sure to setup port forwarding rules in your router accordingly. To start the server enter the se-rver passcode in the passcode field. When starting a server, the address will be ignored and can be left blank.

The server has a UI that shows the current phase the server is in, the clients that are connected, the recent logs that the server made, and the status of all the mini games.

Server UI

The only time clients should connect or disconnect is when the server is in the lobby phase. When a client connects during any other phase it will immediatly get kicked from the server. If a client leaves the game during any of the other phases the game my end up in a non working state.

When the server ends up in a state that is incorrect or non responsive, you can hold down the ESC-key for 1.5 seconds. This will save the score of the clients and the minigames to disk. After that it will disconnect all the clients and restart the server using this saved state. After this the clients should reconnect to the server. In case you want to entirely reset the server you can hold the R-key in combination with the ESC-key. This will reset all scores to 0, and all mini games to 'not yet completed'.

Connecting as a client

To setup a connection to the server as a client you need two things. First is the server adress (ip or dns name) that the person that is hosting the server can provide. Secondly you need a passcode. You have to connect as one of the members from the 11th board of study association Sticky. The following passcodes correspond to the different members:

  • Pablo: pa-1x3d
  • Thomas: th-89f3
  • Yorick: yo-y3kl
  • Robin: ro-bn28
  • Simon: si-te35
  • Rogier: ro-g7ac

Note: To be able to the play the game you need all six members to join and each member can connect only once.


The server goes through a pre defined flow during the course of the game. This flow consists of six different phases. Each phase is explained below.

Lobby phase

During the lobby phase clients can connect to the game. The clients can walk around through the lobby using the WASD-keys or arrow-keys.

The lobby shows all the available mini games with a flag. When a client is close to a flag it can press the SPACE-key to cast a vote for the corresponding mini game. After voting, a client can no longer move around the lobby. When a mini game has been completed its flag will 'gray-out' to indicate it cannot be voted on again.

Once all clients have voted for a minigame, the minigame with the most votes is chosen. The server will then continue with the next phase.

Lobby phase

Mini game loading phase

During mini game loading phase phase the server send information about the mini game that was chosen to the clients, and the clients can load all assets required for the mini game in to the process. Once all client is done loading it notifies the server. If all clients did that the server will continue with the next phase.

Mini game loading phase

Mini game ready up phase

During the mini game ready up phase the clients can see a preview of the mini game, a short descrition, and the control schema for the mini game. Once each client is ready to start he or she presses the SPACE-key to ready up. Once all clients have readied up, the server will continue with the next phase.

Mini game ready up phase

Mini game playing phase

During the mini game playing phase the actually mini game starts and the clients try to reach the highest possible score. Each mini games has its own rules and gameplay. Some mini games might end when one client has reach a certain goal, other mini games might end only after all clients have either succeeded or failed to reach the goal. Once the mini game ends the server continues with the next phase.

Score overview phase

During the score overview phase the clients are presented with a score overview with the score of each clients performance in the last played mini game. The scorebars of the clients slowly fill during the course of few seconds. This slowly reveals the different scores of the clients.

This score is added to the total score of the client. The total score of the clients is hidden for the other clients. Each client can however see its own total score at all times in the right top corner of the screen.

After this the server will go back to the lobby phase. If there are no mini games left, the server will continue to the trophy room phase instead.

Score overview phase

Trophy room phase

During the trophy overview phase the clients are presented with their total score over all the mini games. The scorebars of the clients slowly fill over a small period of time to reveale the total scores of the clients. The client with the highest total score wins the game.

Trophy room phase

Mini games

The project was build with 11 mini games in mind. At the release of version 1.0.0 the game contained 4 out of 11 mini games. Other mini games might be added in future releases of the project.

(01/11) B11 Balloon

Make the biggest balloon and ensure it doesn't pop.

B11 Balloon

(02/11) Red Cup

Clear the table of all red cups by throwing ping pong balls in them.

Red Cup

(03/11) Bussen

Not yet implemented.

(04/11) Ketel Vangen

Catch as many bottles of Ketel One as you can. Catch Ketel One Matuur bottles for bonus points and avoid catching the Smirnoff Ice bottles.

Ketel Vangen

(05/11) Kelder Racen

Not yet implemented.

(06/11) Stickies

Not yet implemented.

(07/11) Kamerdienst

Not yet implemented.

(08/11) Consti

Not yet implemented.

(09/11) Batavieren

Jump over the obstacles passing by and stay on your feet for the longest amount of time.


(10/11) Borrel

Not yet implemented.

(11/11) Fiets

Not yet implemented.

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