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Game Maker Workshops for Kids

This project was created by Simon Karman, Benjamin van Arkel and Koen Vrij. Published on Monday 13 August 2012. This project was viewed 961 times.
We hosted 3 workshop in Amsterdam for kids between 5-8 to learn the basics about Game Maker.



One of our teaches asked us (Ben, Koen and me) if we wanted to do a project for the 'Openbare Bibliotheek van Amsterdam' (OBA) (Public library of Amsterdam). The OBA wanted to host a few workshops for the second time. Previous year another team of students organized this event.

He asked us if we could host the workshops three times. One at the OBA near Amsterdam Central Station and twice at the OBA near Java plein, Amsterdam. The group was going to be around 15 children per workshop, so this would be around 5 children for each tutor.

As I told before, some other students already organized the workshops once. So there was some kind of template available for us to use. Although we could have used that directly we wanted to make the workshops more personal to what we wanted to tell about Game Maker. It was ofcourse really helpfull to see what the other students had to coop with so we could make a fast start and not forget some 'standard' things on the way.

What we wanted to achieve

What we really wanted to achieve was that every child made the game. This meant that it would not be us making the game for them while they would just watch and copy to learn nothing at all. We let them make there own graphics for the game. Except the basic walls and player sprite so they would have an enviroment set up in which they could start to understand the game engine Game Maker.

What happened

It was really good fun to see that after every training we ended up having a totally different game, designed and created by the children themselfs. The workshops we gave were not different from each other. The main point was that we asked every time we add a feature to the game, for instance the very beginning starting with the background-image, the kids had to come up with this idea themself. This really involved the children into making their OWN game instead of a game they learn from us.

That was fun!

I think this was a really fun and cool experience for us and we had some great fun with the kids and most important the children had fun building their OWN game.


The documentation contains a pdf file we gave to the children to study at home (it's in Dutch).

The download contains the three different results of the games created by me when tutoring but the games the children made are (apart from the graphics) quite the same as mine.
They game is provide as Game Maker File .gmk aswell as executable .exe. So you don't need gamemaker to try the games for yourself.

You can download this project here: Download Game Maker Workshops for Kids
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