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This project was created by Simon Karman. Published on Wednesday 4 December 2013. This project was viewed 1013 times.
A race game made in one day that uses the hash of user-input as seed for the random generated tracks. Players can compete against each other by sharing the seed.


HashRacer is a simple race game. You drive a car to the goal and try to do this in the least possible amount of time.

The game was created in one day as a hobby project. It is created in Unity.

HashRacer consists of an unlimited amount of tracks. The tracks are generated by the uses of user-input. The user-input will be hashed and this will be used as a seed for the randomly generated tracks.

When you finished a track your time along with your name and the seed used to generate the track will be stored in the database.

You can now challenge other players to beat your score by sharing the seed of your track.

To see some info from your webbrowser use the following links:
All Drivers
Last Races

Have fun!
You can download this project here: Download HashRacer