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This project was created by Simon Karman. Published on Saturday 11 July 2015. This project was viewed 1251 times.
The responsive website on that I created for the advisor and teamcoach Jac. Karman


The advisor and teamcoach Jac. Karman asked me to create a state of the art website for him. The website can be found here:

The website has a responsive design and will please the eye on all different devices. Since I'm normally not really into web design it was a fun project finding out how much I hate working in html and css. The JavaScript, Ajax and PHP side which I created for the user management and file system was a lot more interesting luckily.

Clients of Jac. Karman can login to their own account and download their files which are encrypted for maximum security.


The site is based on the skeleton framework. I made sure I didn't violate any of the standard design faults in websites such as cross-side scripting, guessable increasing file ids and a few others. The website contains a Google Maps interactive background, a contact form using the PhPMailer classes and jQuery based readmore links that hide divs which contatin too much information.