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Maze Generator

This project was created by Simon Karman. Published on Sunday 2 February 2014. This project was viewed 1216 times.
A stepwise Maze Generator that will generate a maze using a breadth-first or greedy algorithm to generate unique mazes each run.


Had a few hours off so I created this Maze Generator.

When you start the program you can edit the generation settings. In here you can change the following properties:
  • width: The number of columns in the outputted maze,
  • height: The number of rows in the outputted maze,
  • stepwise: Whether to build up the maze stepwise (true) or to create it in one frame (false),
  • shaked: Whether to apply a random grid offset (true) or to keep the grid right-angeled (false),
  • generation type: The type of generation used to generate the maze. Can be either breadth-first or greedy.

Have fun
You can download this project here: Download Maze Generator