Simon Karman

Software Engineer and Game Developer

CodJumper Map: Prisonbreak

The CoDJumper map Prisonbreak I made for the Call of Duty 4 - Jumping Community.

Published on 2012-06-14

Created by Simon Karman

About the Map

CoDJumper Map: Prisonbreak is the community map I made for the Call of Duty 4 - Jumping Community.

You can find the post on the forum here: CoDJumper forumpost for mp_prisonbreak

You can watch the teaser trailer for this map here:


How to Play

You need Call of Duty 4 - Patch 1.7 to play this map.

To 'install' this map you'll have to extract all the files from the cod4 folder in this archive to your Call of Duty 4 installation directory.

After you have doen this, you can run the run_prisonbreak.bat in you Call of Duty 4 directory to start the game with the CoDJumper mod and the map Prisonbreak loaded.

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CodJumper Map: Prisonbreak (mp_prisonbreak)
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