Simon Karman

Software Engineer and Game Developer


My entry for the Global Game Jam 2018.

Published on 2018-01-28

Created by Team maeT

This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2018 from 26th January 2018 to 28th January 2018 by Team maeT. Global Game Jam page

Team maeT:

  • Simon Karman
  • Steven Gunneweg
  • Stijn Groothuis
  • Benjamin van Arkel
  • Patrick Scheper
  • Kay Goossen

Orbital Progressed

In Orbital, you command your forces against an invading alien armada in defence of your lovely little blue planet, "Urf". Generate income by building satellites in orbit of the planet so you can coordinate the defence of your planet. Your income is dictated by the amount of inhabitants your satellite covers, so sending a satellite in a higher orbit will net you more income. Watch out, though! These satellites are vulnerable and any alien ship can pick them off with ease, so the further away these satellites are from Urf, the more at risk they are of being blown up. Keep your satellites (and planet safe) by investing in defensive satellites that intercept incoming alien ships. Now, get ready! The aliens are at your doorstep!

Global Game Jam page

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