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Quintor Masterclass

Kick-off of my professional software development career at Quintor.

Published on 2018-09-17

Created by Simon Karman

In september of 2018 after finishing my master at the Utrecht University I started my professional software development career at Quintor. Quintor is a dutch software development company located in Groningen, Amersfoort, and Den Haag.

At Quintor I started with a 11 week Java masterclass in which I was trained to be ready to be a software developer in Java for enterprise environments. The masterclass consisted of three main parts: theoratical knowlegde, softskills, and practical exercises. These parts are were guided by skillful professionals. I participated in this masterclass with 19 others.

We dived into frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Junit, Mockito, Gradle, and Maven. Other topics such as security, web-scale, code quality, continuos integration and continuos deployment were also part of the program.

During the masterclass I also achieved two Java certificates. These are the Java Certified Associate (score 92%) and Java Certified Developer (score 88%) certifications.

The masterclass was concluded with a two week project. This project required us to use all knowledge that we learned during the masterclass. Our goal was to develop an application called MusiQ. This application should run on dedicated hardware at the Quintor headquaters and stream music to the bar in the basement. Each person should then be able to join the MusiQ queue and add their favorite music. Based on the number of votes on the queued songs, the next song should be chosen and played over the speakers at the bar. The CEO of quintor challenged us because he thought it would be an impossible task to achieve within 2 weeks. Luckily, as the picture below describes, we were very happy to deliver on time to receive our reward.

Quintor Masterclass Reward

Directly after the masterclass we all went to Devoxx Belgium. Devoxx are annual technology conferences organised by developers for developers around the world. We had a great time there and a lot of topics such as Micronaut, Java, and TypeScript were presented.

Quintor Masterclass Devoxx

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