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Teamzania Enterprise Yourself

This project was created by Simon Karman, Jochem van der Lof, Suus Looijen, Thomas Groot Zwaaftink and Jasper Hutte. Published on Sunday 20 December 2015. This project was viewed 1349 times.
The prototype game I created at the Utrecht University in collaboration with the HKU for Plan International for the unemployed youth in Tanzania.


At the Utrecht University I collaborated with the HKU (Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht) in Hilversum to create a prototype game for the unemployed youth in Tanzania.

Plan International asked us to come up with a way to turn the current classical way of teaching the unemployed youth in Tanzania to learn about entrepreneurship into a playful and fun learn experience.


We created a lot concepts based on themes we came up with, visited Tanzania, presented to Plan in Mwanza, went on a safari in the Serengeti Safari Park, had three meetings with VSLA groups in and around Mwanza, visited a business school, came up with a final concept, play-tested with a paper prototype, worked really hard on creating an android app, held a conference talk at Afrikaday 2015 in Amsterdam, had a feedback session with the Online Review Board of Plan in 5 different countries, play tested the android game via Skype with our target audience in Mwanza, presented our work at Plan Netherlands, showcased our game at the HKU Showcase, had a newspaper article written about us, and a lot more ...

and this all happend in under three months time!

You can watch a 14 min demonstration of our game at the following youtube video:

The download links provides you with a presskit of our project. Including ingame screenshots, logo's and the ingame music and soundtrack especially created for this game!
You can download this project here: Download Teamzania Enterprise Yourself