Simon Karman

Software Engineer and Game Developer


A text based role playing game in the browser.

Published on 2020-04-04

Created by Simon Karman and Jorn Theunissen

Terraevi is a simple framework of a text based adventure game. It is build by Simon Karman and Jorn Theunissen. The website is a static website build in JavaScript, Vue, Vuex, and TailwindCSS.

The start of the game: On a beautiful and sunny day you are walking through the town you grew up in. You come accross an inn called 'Broomstick & Shovel' that your father used to visit when he was young. You're getting hungry. Do you want to go inside?

In the game you play as a travellar and make all decisions as you walk around through the old town you grew up in.

Terraevi Job

After every piece of information you'll have to make a choice. Will you stay go inside the inn? Will you talk to the barkeeper? Will you help the bar keeper clear out the rats in his basements? Or will you go and do something else entirely? In Terraevi it's all up to you.

Note: Currently the content of the game is very sparse. You'll have gone through the whole story within a single minute. The project however demonstrates a nice framework on top of which new modules, such as combat can be build.

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