Simon Karman

Software Engineer and Game Developer

Tummy Tumblers

Tummy Tumblers is my entry for the Global Game Jam 2017.

Published on 2017-01-22

Created by Galactic Jellyfish

Tummy Tumblers is my entry for the Global Game Jam 2017. Race against your friends down the mountain to become the best pair of tummy tumbler around. Each player is given two tumblers, each controlled by a separate thumbstick on the controller. After each race, each player is given a randomly selected obstacle that they can place on the course. Choose between mines, walls and jump pads to either hamper your opponents or to benefit your own tumblers. The insanity of Mount. Tumble increases as rounds progress and more and more obstacles amass on the course. Happy tumbling!

Note: You need 2-4 XBOX controllers to play this game.

Below you can see a development screenshot of the game. My main task was to create the deformable mountain. This deformable moutain is a code-generated mesh which can be deformed by code.

Tummy Tumblers Progress

Created by Galactic Jelly Fish:

  • Bas Roding (Programming)
  • Benjamin van Arkel (Art)
  • Simon Karman (Programming)
  • Steven Gunneweg (Programming)
  • Stijn Groothuis (Programming)
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