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Finished Master at UU

17 July 2018
I finished my master Game and Media Technology on the Utrecht University. I successfully defended my master thesis on \'Generating Sokoban Levels that are Interesting to Play using...
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Board Member of Sticky

21 September 2016
Great news! I was elected by the 10th board of Study Association Sticky to be a member of the 11th board of Sticky in the year 2016-2017.\r\n\r\n||image||\r\n\r\nSticky...
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Similization Updated

8 April 2016
I have updated the similization project on The similization project now makes use of the jSimon JavaScript Engine I...
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Teamzania's Successfull Finish

15 December 2015
The project I did in collaboration with the HKU in Tanzania has successfully come to an end! It has been a astonishing, beautiful and memorizable experience from the trip to Tanzania to the late...
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Tanzania Project at HKU

9 September 2015
At the Utrecht University I was asked to do a collaboration project with the HKU (Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht), which is located in Hilversum. I applied for the Africa project, which includes a...
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Programmer at Tingly Games

6 July 2015
As Tingly Games is still creating awesome HTML5 games on a weekly basis they want to up-scale their team. They asked me to help them with creating new HTML5 games during my two months break from the...
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Utrecht University Started

1 September 2014
Since September 2014 I am studying on the Utrecht University where I am following the two year Master\'s programme: Game and Media Technology (GMT). The Master\'s programme focuses on the technological...
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Graduation Thesis finished at Tingly

2 June 2014
I wrote a graduation thesis for the research I did at Tingly Games.\r\n||image||\r\n\r\nToday I finished my thesis and handed it in at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In two weeks I have to defend...
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Accepted on Utrecht University

9 May 2014
Today I received a reply on my application on the Utrecht University (UU).\r\nTheir reply said:\r\n\r\nJe bent toegelaten tot het masterprogramma onder de voorwaarde(n) dat wij voor 1...
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Utrecht University Application

18 April 2014
I applied for a master program on the Utrecht University. The HBO study I am currently following...
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Tingly welcomes Simon

19 February 2014
Tingly Games welcomes me to their company! Check out the post below:\r\n\r\nTingly Games welcomes Simon - Read Here\r\nThe...
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Graduation Internship at Tingly

19 December 2013
For my Graduation Internship I am going to work at Tingly Games for a duration of six months. The company is located in Rotterdam near the Rotterdam Central...
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Looking for a Graduation Internship

12 November 2013
Currently I am in my fourth (and last) year of my study and I am looking for a Graduation Internship to graduate on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.\r\n\r\nI\'m really excited to work on a targeted...
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Back at Sticky

18 April 2013
Since 10 april 2013 I am working at Sticky Studios. This time as professional instead of intern.\r\nI am working to finish what I made during my internship.\r\nMy new employment contract ends...
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Minecraft 7x7 Screen

16 February 2013
I\'ve been playing some more Minecraft lately. I created a 7x7 screen. \r\n||image||\r\nThe screen can be used in a computer. There are two 3-bit buses that take an x and a y...
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Global Game Jam 2013

31 January 2013
This year I participated in the Global Game Jam for the second time! Last year was really fun and instructive. So this year I had to join all the fun aggain!\r\n\r\nMy team consisted of the...
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How to clone in C#

26 December 2012
I was creating some random game in Unity when I encountered the problem that structs won\'t get serialized by the inspector. So instead of using a struct I started using a class. \r\n!:...
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Orlando, Florida

20 November 2012
Wow that was epic! A whole week running around in Orlando, Florida, United States of America trying to get this theme park attraction up and running :).\r\n\r\nManaged to do quite some work...
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Text To Number

24 June 2012
I just had some fun programming this small program. In C# using Microsoft Visual Studio\r\n\r\n||image||\r\n\r\nIt is a translator for numbers to their dutch...
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Building up website

8 June 2012
As you might have noticed my website design has changed quite a bit. I added some more support for recent updates and projects. Also the error when the page cannot be found is a lot...
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Youtube DiceBall!!

6 June 2012
What to do at the last day of school? Let\'s improve your video editing skills! We\'ll show you what we did in the next...
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Labdag Game

5 June 2012
Tommorow is Ipv6 Lauch Day. We made a game for this event to show how a lot of hardware will manage to run on Ipv6.\r\n\r\nAfter tommorow I\'ll upload the...
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Pim Pam Pet - New Idea!

5 June 2012
Dennis Reep (a friend of me) and I came up with a funny idea to create a game on the computer called Pim Pam Pet. We are currently working on how to implement a word library fast and complete into a...
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MoCap Zign - Maya TCP Server

31 May 2012
This is a school project. For this school project I have to work with Zign Track Pro 2 and Maya. Zign Track Pro 2 is a program that uses only one camera and a few green balls to...
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Call Of Duty 4 - Promod Map

20 April 2012
I\'m now working on a new project for Call Of Duty 4. I\'m working on a balance Search & Destroy map. I don\'t have a name for it yet but i\'m think about something like mp_pavement or mp_road. Not...
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2 February 2012
I am currently working on dll file you can add to your C# Windows Game project so you have a console running in your game in no time. Some...
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