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Graduation Internship at Tingly

For my Graduation Internship I am going to work at Tingly Games for a duration of six months. The company is located in Rotterdam near the Rotterdam Central Station.

Rendering non-western languages in modern-browsers using HTML5
Tingly Games offers a product named Greeting Games ( Greeting games are a blend of electronic wishcards and digital games. It gives people the oppurtunity to send personalised games with an intergrated wish to others. All games are developed for HTML5, therefor the games will be playable on mobile devices and tablets.

At the moment all Greeting Games that Tingly Games creates, make use of the Western Writing. The games are already easily localisable for use in different languages. In the future Tingly Games wants to provide it's services in Asian languages as well. The question is how to cope with fonts. This problem is tricky because the sender of the games must be able to personalise the text and therefor the writings in the game are not pre-known. There is a large amount of possible approaches. Goal of this project is to research which approach works best for Tingly Games.
Posted on Thursday 19 December 2013 12:05:04 by Simon Karman.