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Tingly welcomes Simon

Tingly Games welcomes me to their company! Check out the post below:

Tingly Games welcomes Simon - Read Here
The full Tingly Games Team - Tingly Team


Welcome to Simon Karman, our new intern! He's going to strengthen our team with his internship as a programmer and game developer. Simon is studying Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam with Game Technology as specialization. He's going to do research how to cope with Asian fonts. There are a large amount of possible approaches and Simon's goal is to find out which approach works best for us.

I'm always looking for simple, but fun solutions to complex issues. Tingly Games makes it possible for me to do research and find a solution for my graduation project. I don't have that much experience with HTML5 or Javascript, so this will be a nice challenge for me. Besides all this, my internship gives me the opportunity to be involved with the development of the amazing Greeting Game concept.

Posted on Wednesday 19 February 2014 10:35:56 by Simon Karman.