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Teamzania's Successfull Finish

The project I did in collaboration with the HKU in Tanzania has successfully come to an end! It has been a astonishing, beautiful and memorizable experience from the trip to Tanzania to the late hours in Hilversum.

After 3 months of hard work, the prototype game we created is finished. The prototype is going to be play-tested in Tanzania and Zambia in the following few months. After these play-tests we will be informed by Plan on their findings and feedback on the design.

I couldn't have been luckier with the team I had to work together with on this project. We appropriately named our team: Teamzania. And a shout-out to Jochem van der Lof (Programmer), Suus Looijen (Game Artist), Thomas Groot Zwaaftink (Game Artist) and Jasper Hutte (Music Composer and Sound Designer) is the least I can do.

Of course I also want to thank Plan International, the HKU, the UU and the Plan office in Mwanza especially for making this amazing experience come to a reality.

I hope to be working together with this team on this and other projects in the future. Some plans on more collaborations have already been made!

For all updates on our team, such as press articles, showcases, and conferences we are attending, please follow us on Facebook.

In the following video you can view a quick 14 min demonstration of our game.

Posted on Tuesday 15 December 2015 17:07:16 by Simon Karman.