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Board Member of Sticky

Great news! I was elected by the 10th board of Study Association Sticky to be a member of the 11th board of Sticky in the year 2016-2017.

Sticky is the study association for Informatics and Information Science and has 1250 members. Sticky is located in the Buys Ballotgebouw on the Uithof in Utrecht. Each week the members of Sticky organize cool activities. These range from having a drink with fellow students to visiting an IT-company to talk about opportunities concerning jobs and internships.

Our board consists of 6 members (including me). Together we have to make sure the 11th year of Sticky will succeed and our goal is that all members of Sticky can have a great year with their fellow students.

Each board member also has a specific task based on the function he has. My function is External Relationships. Meaning that I will visit companies to talk about possibilities to cooperate, setup contracts with companies that want to cooperate and execute these cooperations such as speakers, inhousedays, masterborrels, direct mailings, facebookposts and a lot of other options.

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Posted on Wednesday 21 September 2016 21:57:44 by Simon Karman.