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Oh God It's Monday

This project was created by Sneaky Ninjas. Published on Sunday 31 January 2016. This project was viewed 1757 times.
The game I created together with my team at the Global Game Jam 2016 in Amsterdam at the HvA location.


I participated in the Global Game Jam for the 5th time! Together with a random group of people I created an awesome game that won the audience award after 48 hours of hard work.

The exiting premise "Once a week; every week, it's Monday. Horrible, horrible Monday." describes the game 'O God It's Monday'. In this game you manage an office. It is 09:00 hour on Monday morning and you have to make sure that all employees of the office will have completed their daily routine at 17:00 hour. Doing this requires amazing planning skills and you must be able to take time to your advantage!

The team I worked with is called Sneaky Ninjas and consists of the following members:
  • Juriaan van Oerle - Programming
  • Chantal Steur - Programming
  • Silvan Herrema - Progamming
  • Martijn Prins - Game / Level Design
  • Simon Karman - Programming / Level Design
  • Joris WildenBeest - Audio / Music
  • Norbert Laduczky - Visual Art

Check out the project on the official Global Game Jam website here: Oh God It's Monday.


Download the game below to play it yourself on either Android or Windows!
You can download this project here: Download Oh God It's Monday