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Trackmania TWNTY

A Trackmania map pack to celebrate my twenty ninth birthday.

Published on 2022-04-07

Created by Simon Karman

'TWENTY' is a map pack that contains 9 trackmania maps, that I created for my 29th birthday. You can play the game Trackmania 2020 for free.

Trackmania is a racing game where you compete for the fastest time on user created maps, every millisecond counts. The game features a map editor in which users can create the own tracks.

You can download my tracks from this project, you can find them in the Trackmania 2020 game in the KARMAN Maps club, or you can find my tracks on

The maps are all relatively short. The first map are suitable for beginners of the game and the tracks get progressivly more difficult. The maps have the following characteristics.

  • TWNTY_01 - A track with only three corners, two of them which are dirt. A perfect place to start for beginners.
  • TWNTY_02 - A grass track with some jumps, your goal is to land as soon and as smoothly as possible. Try not to steer on the grass too much as this will make your car slow down.
  • TWNTY_03 - A desert map with a freewheeling section right after the first dirt part. Try to gather all the speed you can before going into the freewheel, to carry this speed along for the rest of the map.
  • TWNTY_04 - A transitional map with a dirt jump and a jump that requires you to keep all the speed you can in a wall ride to be able make it.
  • TWNTY_05 - A simple looking grass track that can suprise you in difficulty. An outside banking grass corner that will require some precise driving to not fly out.
  • TWNTY_06 - A high speed map with large turns that make you feel like your flying. Enjoy the view on the lake underneath the track.
  • TWNTY_07 - An ice track with three types of turns, including an ice slide and a bobslee turn. And test your precision with a freewheel no-steering section in the middle of the track.
  • TWNTY_08 - A highspeed track where you try to get to the other side of a ravine twice to reach the finish.
  • TWNTY_09 - A transitional track where your goals is to find lines on the track that make your car go through each turn and jump smoothly. It contains lots of jumps and requires you to keep your speed in narrow turns.

To play these maps you can search for the club 'Karman Maps' in the Trackmania 2020 game, or you can download them at by SKamii.

If you have any feedback or you would like to give my maps an award, please do so on

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